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Hi I'm Erica

I am a transformational coach who focuses on transitioning my clients fears to a true feeling of freedom around purpose and love. I started this journey over 8 years ago while on a quest to find my own spiritual path. My soul expansion started with a vision quest that lead me to realizing my purpose lies in supporting women on self love discovery, claiming their purpose and attracting their desires. Like my clients, my vision has expanded and I am moving into supporting men who are ready to open their soul to purpose and heart to love.

I have a podcast, In Search Of Good Men, that explores, the sometimes confusing relationship between the feminine and masculine with the intention of reconnecting the two genders to live in healthy partnership.

Last but not least, I love spending time with my dogs, traveling to expand my community, and learning to cook. I also co-founded a social community, The B Hive Apiary, that fosters female friendships in women’s business and personal life. 

What my Clients Say

Erica is great because she really took the time to figure out where I was at and where I wanted to be in order to tailor the program for my benefit. It was the best decision I ever made. I tend to over analyze myself a lot and can be hard on myself, but Erica taught me that I need to celebrate the now first and not focus on the negative.


Founder, Shuffle Online

Erica has been supporting me on my journey of growth and self-love for 7 years now! For me, I love that she combines her knowledge with wisdom and intuition. I have grown immensely and come to understand myself while never feeling judged or that I had to follow a specific formula.


Celebrity Hairstylist, Starworks Artists