About Me

I Have a Vision…

For as long as I can remember, I have had a vision of living in a world where the healthy masculine and divine feminine lives in peaceful harmony within each of us. Over 8 years ago, I went on my own journey of self-love, self-discovery, and self-worth. During this period, I discovered my purpose on this beautiful earth is to support the reintegration of a healthy partnership between men and women.

My Mission

I am a commitment to healing the wounded masculine and the fading feminine through compassion, love, and honesty; for the sake of restoring balance for our future generations.

My Story…

My journey with confidence and self-love has been a roller coaster. The dark side of my journey has always been around outer beauty. If asked, I could list all of the things I have picked apart about myself, from my small feet to the size of my face. Did you know your face could be too big? It took me years to discover three things about myself:

  1. The way I viewed my outer shell was actually a reflection of my inner self-confidence.
  2. I chose to be comfortable feeling not pretty enough. That comfort was like a security blanket to staying invisible.
  3. I was addicted to blaming not being enough for the reasons I wasn’t able to attract an amazing partner. When I could blame my external flaws, I didn’t have to face my inner shadows.

I finally decided to claim my beauty (internal and external) and I chose to face the darkness inside of my soul and become friends with ALL my bullshit stories and fears. I sat them down and had a real heart to heart talk. And so the roller coaster got turned on. Up, down, up again, sharp turn, deep drop, quick turn, slow turn…it was a wild ride. I learned a lot on this roller coaster and I have built a transformational coaching practice that helps you rebuild your relationship with yourself by letting go of your fears and comforts.  As a result, you become obsessively committed to your purpose or attracting a healthy partnership.


My Experience

I graduated from Newfield Network Institute with a coaching certificate in Ontological and Linguistic Coaching. I have completed all 5 courses in Allison Armstrong’s Understanding Men program. I’m a graduate of Scott Cody’s Art of Leadership Mastery intensive. I have also completed Brian Whetton’s Practice Building Academy courses. I have coached several amazing and powerful women through one on one coaching and my MANifesting MENU workshop. I have supported established and influential coaches such as Amy Louis Cash and Kari Azuma in their group coaching programs.

My Programs

My commitment…

I am committed to walking my clients through a transformation that connects them back to their soul. I am committed to being honest and curious with every person who has trusted me on their path to their fullest potential. I am committed to love.

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